Talega Day Spa is excited to feature the revolutionary Eureduc™ Wellness Concept, an innovative skin and body care process developed in France and FDA approved in the U.S. since 1986.

Hydrate and nourish the body by using mechanical lymphatic drainage techniques that will help to improve circulation to those tired, swollen legs. These therapies enhance muscle tone, reduce water retention, and contour the body through cellulite reduction. It also works to reduce and alleviate stretch marks and scars gradually and gently without invasive surgery. The revolutionary vacuum massage technology has been proven to smooth and tighten skin while improving circulation.

*Typical program series consists of twice-weekly sessions followed by monthly maintenance.



This is a new alternative to reduce cellulite. Your massage therapist will use transparent suction cups to drive blood circulation toward congested tissues to eliminate fat toxicity and the appearance of "orange peel skin," thereby toning-down the lumps and bumps of cellulite. This process will enhance muscle tone as cellulite is eliminated. Benefits include stretching connective tissue, loosening connective fibers, stimulating production of collagen, increasing resiliency of elastic fibers, toning/firming the skin, and also helps with inch loss.

Results best if done in a series of ten treatments.


This treatment is also referred to as a "Dry Body Wrap." Pressotherapy™ is a non-invasive leg and mid-body treatment performed by your massage therapist. It is designed to improve blood circulation and lymph flow, enhance extra-cellular fluid clearance, reduce swelling, alleviate leg fatigue, and improve oxygen flow through the body. It can serve as a pre & post liposuction procedure. The system applies specially designed inflatable garments to the legs with five compression chambers that apply controlled external pressure, resulting in a firming, slimming and toning effect.


Fascia runs through every structure of the body and when it becomes tight it can close joints, create tension, impede nerves and restrict blood. The Fascia Blaster breaks through the fascia (connective tissue) and restores it, usually leaving the body pain free. This does cause blood restoration which will look like bruising and this is natural and a healthy part of the process. This self-help tool breaks up adhesions such as; knots, dents, boulders, wrinkles, cellulite, tension and pain.

Full fascia blasting with infrared sauna


The foot is the gateway to the body. This treatment targets specific reflexes located in the feet that correspond to various organs, glands, and muscles. This treatment aids in releasing tension, reducing fatigue, and helps in balancing the central nervous system and calming the mind. After your full reflexology treatment we will end with the application of warm towels for deeper mind and body relaxation.

Team this treatment with our Pressotherapy machine and you will have new legs & feet!


Cranio Sacral therapy is a calming, gentle therapy that uses light touch pressure to enhance the body’s own natural healing processes to relieve stress and chronic pain patterns. Areas that once drained your system are released, bolstering your immune system, while areas of tension from physical and emotional injuries/trauma are relieved, released, and self-corrected. Your energy will increase, and your sleep will be enhanced allowing your body to feel more balanced.

* Please wear loose, comfortable clothing