Enhance your spa experience with essential oils. Essential oils contain healing properties that are used to treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions, including, but not limited to, gastrointestinal discomfort, skin conditions, menstrual pain, stress, poor circulation, and respiratory infections.

Foot Scrub & Massage

Pamper your feet with a scrub that helps take off the dead skin and leaves your feet feeling soft and smooth. Then enjoy a relaxing massage that heals tired feet and boosts circulation.

This service is included within your total service time.

Add-On Therapies below are
($40 each or 2 for $75)

Hot Stones

Hot stones provide a very healing and effective experience. The hot stones are used to help expand blood vessels, encouraging blood flow. They also have a sedative effect that relieves chronic pain, reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and helps prepare muscles for deeper work.

Cold Stones

Cold stones provide a deep state of relaxation, a release of tension, and reduction of swelling and inflammation due to scar tissue, trauma or injuries to muscles. They also decrease soreness when working on deeper muscles, draw heat away from the body, and help to strengthen on a cellular level.

Customized Scrub

This service is an additional 15 minutes on your total service time.