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The Story behind Talega Day Spa and "Terme di Talega"

Talega Day Spa was inspired by a beautiful story in history that is fundamental to the basic principle of spa enjoyment as we know it today.

When one thinks of great Italian civilizations, the people of the Roman Empire come to mind. However, a precursor to that great society was the first great Italian civilization, the Etruscan. From 800 to 200 B.C. the Etruscan people flourished in the area between what is now Rome northward to Florence. Today it is commonly referred to as Tuscany, Italy.

The Tuscan hillsides, dotted with volcanic springs were capitalized by the Etruscans people. They learned that by bathing & drinking the thermal waters a healing power was unleashed. They found the thermal muds of the volcanic earth to be soothing to certain ailments.

They found healing properties from the olive oils pressed from the fruit of the trees. The Etruscan people attributed this "magic" from the earth to be an act of the goddess of beauty. Her name was "Sillene".

And so, the concept of pampering and nurturing the human body was born. When the Roman Empire displaced the Etruscan people, their cultural ideas were spared and the "Spa" was born. They took the benefits of the thermal springs to another level by building Roman Bathhouses overtop of them. Roman "spa designers" engineered these structures remarkably similar to the spas of today.

The people of the Roman Empire cherished their bathhouses, calling them "thermae" or public bathing establishments. These early "spas" were often beautifully decorated and considered very important to the early Italian lifestyle.

A typical day in the life of a Roman citizen was for the women to go to the bathhouse from sunrise to noon, while the men worked. The women came home to their domestic chores while the men enjoyed the bathhouse from noon to sunset. The citizens used these facilities to stay in shape, restore their health and well-being, and socialize. Thus, the importance of relaxation and body care in everyday life, and spa tradition as we know it, was officially born.

Of course, this cultural tradition was passed on through the centuries. Modern Italians have built new bathhouses and modern spas over these ancient volcanic springs adopting the name "Terme." Men, women, and children of modern Italian culture still value the same traditions of their ancestors by including regular visits to their local "terme" spa. Nothing has really changed from the days of the Etruscans.

Talega Day Spa, (AKA, "Terme di Talega") has captured the essence of this concept in the architecture, design and art, as well as the treatments and body products in an effort to bring us a tradition we all deserve and need in our modern lifestyles.

Girzi Skin Care products, featured at Talega Day Spa, highlights this tradition because it's imported from Italy, and contains the same mineral thermal waters and muds, along with the world's highest quality medicinal olive oils - enjoyed by the Etruscan people of 200 B.C., but developed today by the former director and scientists of the world-renowned Darfo Boario Terme Spa.

By the way, you can find the goddess "Sillene" enshrined in our relaxation room, as a reminder to us all of the power and value that exists in these wonderful traditions founded by our early spa-goers.

Our Mission Statement

To promote a holistic approach to body wellness and skin care, tailored to the needs of both men and women, in a caring and nurturing environment to provide relaxation and comfort and to promote healing on all levels of being for the mind, body and spirit.